This a game with Classes. The classes Are: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Preist, Druid, Hunter and Archer.

Warrior: lvl1:Wooden Sword lvl3:Dagger lvl7:Broadsword lvl15:Long Sword lvl23:Coral Sword lvl31:Runeblade lvl40:Sleepblade lvl47:Iron Sword lvl53:Blood Sword lvl62:Materia Blade lvl70:Icebrand lvl82:Nagnarok lvl93:Ancient Sword lvl100:Mythril lvl123: Platinum Sword lvl147:Diamond Blade lvl159:Ragnarok lvl168:Defender lvl179:Save the Queen lvl194:Excalibur lvl214:Chaos Blade lvl236:Air Knife. In Mage, From lvl 40 and up it depends what school your in.

Mage: lvl1:Rod lvl1:Strike lvl10:Flare lvl10:Bolt lvl10:Icy lvl:23:Wizard's Rod lvl23:Beam lvl34:Ring Beam lvl40:Flamerod or Thunderod or Icerod or Poisonrod or Dragonrod or Rod of Faith lvl46:Flamering or Thundering or Icering or Poisonring or Dragonring or Faithring lvl53:Flarefist or ThunderKiss or Frozen Swallow or Toxic Spit or Baby Dragon or Pray lvl61:Burning Crush or Harsh Storm or Frozen Layer or Poisoning Orb or Winged Dragon or Horrible Beliefs lvl69:Outgoing Rage lvl75:Flames of Doom or Nexus Storm or Deadly Hail or Poisonquake or Dragon Smash or Godlike Windowtoss lvl92:20% lvl118:Classy Flare Fist or Black Lighting or Frozen Streets or Skull Rate:50 or Dragon of Iron or Natural Disaster lvl132:Fire Minion or Thunder Minion or Ice Minion or Poison Minion or Dragon Minion or Angel Minion lvl156:Tree Burn or Thunder Throw or Cold Cave or Skull Rate:100 or Dragon Drag or Guardian lvl170:Flare Block or Thunermator or Ice Cold Shield or Recipe:Guard or Dragon Guards or Powerful Pray lvl183:Burn The Ground or Light to Heavy or Snowcone or Skull Rate:200 or Snap Dragon or Church Drop lvl200:30% lvl223:50% lvl249:Meteor Strike or Scam Storm or Blizzard or Skull Rate:500 or Ultimate Armor Dragon or Pray Death.

In Paladin You sort of Share Items With Warrior, But you can Heal. The Items are a bit weaker But still, you can Heal.

lvl1:Broad Sword lvl6:Tiny Spam lvl13:Medium Spam lvl19:Giant Spam lvl26:Minimum Heal lvl31:Maximum Heal lvl39:Long Sword lvl49:Heal:1000 lvl58:Heal:2000 lvl67:Heal:5000 lvl79:Heal Pass lvl90:Woundup lvl96:Ragnarok lvl103:Heal Ache lvl112:Gnomefar Heal lvl121:Call Up lvl128:Extras lvl136:Save The Queen lvl150:Half Out Heal lvl160:All Out Heal lvl169:Defender lvl178:Drain Pass lvl190:Healing Hug lvl198:Drain Quench lvl206:Excalibur lvl217:Dull Forgive lvl234:Giga Heal lvl252:Chaos Blade

Preist are people Who can only Heal. They use Bombs to attack.

lvl1:Mini Bomb lvl10:Spread lvl17:Stand Back lvl28:2 Bomb lvl32:Trustworthy lvl39:Reminder lvl45:Code:2000 lvl52:Kantic Kind Buff lvl61:3 Bomb lvl68:Code:5000 lvl73:Spin Block lvl80:Town Savior lvl86:4 Bomb lvl94:Wicked Flick lvl101:City Savior lvl109:Tanning lvl119:Restart lvl126:Freshen lvl134:SOS Brigade