Zecora's Sister!

Zecora's Sister in Zecora's Place. Pinkie seems to notice...

Pinkie Pie is walking to Zecora's place for a cure on her Stiff back legs. But when Pinkie looks inside the Window she sees Zecora's Sister getting ready to brew something up. But why is someone inside the brew? It looks like a Zebra leg. This can't be good.


Pinkie goes to Zecora's house and notices that Zecora's sister is brewing Zecora up. Now Pinkie Leaves and warns the others. First they have to get Zecora out of the Brew. Then they must travel all of Equestria to get special ingredients to heal Zecora. That doesn't mean there aren't epic battles like fighting Gilda. You have to travel to places like Clousdale, Canterlot and more before Zecora says good-bye.

You get to make your own pony in the game. You can choose to be a Pony, Baby Dragon, Teenage Dragon or a Zebra. Each Race gets different Missions. But in order to choose your race and make your own characters you have to beat the Mane 6's Stories. So the Missions are hard a bit.


Missions are done from one city to another. So for example Ponyville first.


Twilight Sparkle-Edit

Zecora Quest: Go save Zecora

Sister VS Twilight: Defeat Zecori Prequest: Zecora Quest

Collectorship: Talk to Zecora Prequest: Sister VS Twilight

Poison Joke: Collect 20 Leaves of Poison Joke Prequest: Collectorship

Diamond Crown: Collect 5 Cut Diamonds Prequest: Poison Joke

Final Gold: Search the Everfree Forest for 3 Dragon Gold Items Prequest: Diamond Crown

Dragons Again?: Defeat the Teenage Dragon Gang Prequest: Final Gold

-Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy Go to Clousdale-

Angry Cockatrice: Collect 1 Cockatrice Feather Prequest: Dragons Again