Prod. No. Title ShortSummary Original airdate
1 When we go BOOM! All the heroes first bump into eachother and start to become freinds; they start a club but end it to join the SOS Brigade. July 20, 2002
2 Thriller Since joined SOS Brigade, Haruhi Told them about Aliens,Time Travelrs and Espers. September 6, 2002
3 Naturally Gone The Gang find out about their powers and also the SOS Brigade did too. September 13, 2002
4 Hmmph! We can do that! Mikuru Accedently takes Kyon and Calie to the future and the rest get all Jealous before they time travel. September 20, 2002
5 First Mutant The SOS Brigade fight Jane: The Angel Killer. September 27, 2002
6 Proven This and That Andy and Kyon save the SOS Brigade even though they are the laziest in the Whole Group. October 4, 2002
7 Clan of the Elf SOS Brigade meet dangerous elfs From Elf Town. October 14, 2002
8 Janes Return SOS Brigade Quickly get wiped out while its up to Jessica,Jack and Benjamin to Aid the SOS Brigade and Defeat Jane...
9 Slime Day Everyone Except Yuki Gets Stuck in Zombie Slime.
10 School Compotition Everyone the School(and SOS Brigade) Go against Danny Because he Saved everyones life but no one knows it but Danny.
Movie1 Death of Clan Devin's Clan Got wiped out by Alienex.Devin turns Super.
12 Raining Death Valerie Heals Yuki from Her Death by Zombo.
13 Tried So Hard If the SOS Brigade Fails a test,They Die.
14 Sacrafice Devin Sacrafices His Life So The SOS Brigade Can Live.
15 Time-Space Grombie Comes on TV from a different Planet Saying He will Get Humans in the future.
16 Web-Active The SOS Brigade Fights A Giant Spider And Yes Again, Devin uses Explosive Blow to kill Himself And the Spider. Devin Gets Brought Back to life By the Jewel Of Life. He tells them what Heaven looks like and how it is.
17 Two Thoughts Tonagochi Flurts with Mikuru which makes Kyon mad. Devin and Kyon Fight and Devin Sacrafices Himself to Paralyze Kyon For a bit.
18 Nice Boy The SOS Brigade throw a party for Devin for sacricing himslf for many things.
Movie 2 Jane Gauntlets The SOS Brigade Die from Jane And her Fire and Ice Gauntlets. Danny Survives Using his Magic. Danny Almost dies from killing Jane.

Season 2: MORE Villians And Super People Like A Drill Girl and Super Haruhi! Its Mad Awesome! Obviusly there are going to be new plots in movies and the storyline Changed a bit.Edit

Prod. No. Title Original airdate
19 Fuse-Ha

SOS Brigade train against eachother. They Fight Zombo after training.

20 Weckan:Drill Master A new Villain Tries to kill Jack.
21 Jack's new move:Reverse Jack abuses the power of reversal in Training.
22 Eternal Demension Space-Travaling is something Enasaka wants to do. But Unfortanantly, NASA wont let her.
23 Devin's Reverse Life Devin uses A Sacrafice Move but Jack reversals it keeping him alive and the Spider Dead.
24 Booty Kicker SOS Brigade Makes a play called:Booty Kicker.
25 Huminoid Love Yuki Drinks a Love Potion and falls in LOVE with Humanoid:Hunter.
Movie 3 Hyper-Go-Energy Haruhi and Kanika Turn Super to Defeat Stonix.
27 Go for the Kill Yuki and Calie Fight to the Death.
28 Transformation Freak Jack Learns to transform into a Cat.
29 Death by holler Jack and Devin make new combos with their dangerous skills.
30 Row,Row,Row your Jets Haruhi Gets Extreme-Speed Jet Boots.
31 Fashion Girls Some Girls Who call themselves the "Fashion Girls" Give people Fashion tickets which means they have poor fashion and their going to kill people who have poor fashion tickets with a mallet or A special sword called "The Fashion Killer"
32 LOL Kanika Plays an online game with Espers and gets caught in the middle of a conversation about Espers...
33 The Hidden Tomb To get to a pyramid FULL of JEWELERY the SOS Brigade must Beat a Crossword puzzle.
Movie4 Jane&Zombo Zombo Brought Jane Back to life. Not as a zombie.
35 Future War Mikuru Senses A war in the Future.
36 Time Killers Elf Girl Tries to destroy time travaling so mikuru can die.
Movie 5 New Power Alienex Steals A scouter Using it to sense the SOS Brigades Power.

[edit] Season 3: 2005–2006Edit

This season is about a necromancer.

Prod. No. Title Original airdate
38 Necro Town

A Necromancer named Zander

takes over the city.

39 Mega Zander Zombo and Zander have fights but Zander wins!
40 Wizard of today Zander learns Pyromancy and loves it.
41 Wizardry Master Zander learns all Wizardry and fights every hero and villan.
Movie 6 Zander wins! Zander takes over earth with wizard powers.
43 Invasion X Alienex's Planet takes over the SOS Brigade.
44 Ultimate Illusion part 1 Stonix Gets Revived from the dead by a special rain.
45 Drill Master part 1 Weckan makes a return to kill Jack.
46 Drill Master part 2 Weckan gives up on jack and tries to kill Jessica
47 Ultimate Illusion part 2 Stonix Kills Calie.
Prod. No. Title ShortSummary Original airdate

[edit] Season 2: 2003–2004Edit

In contrast to season one, 22-minute episodes became the norm for season two. There were six episodes with two 11-minute shows, and ten episodes with a full 22-minute show.

Prod. No. Title Original airdate

[edit] Season 3: 2005–2006Edit

The characters have a new design and sound effects are added to the theme song.

Prod. No. Title Original airdate

Parties-Forest Entrance

SOS Room-Store Theme

Jane-Ice Castle

Elf Boy/Girl-White Bear Boss Theme

Zombo-Catfish Boss Theme

Alienex-Alien Ship Theme

Weckan-Painter Boss Theme

Stonix-Abandoned Mill

Fashion Girls-White Bear Boss Theme

Zander-Necromancer Boss Theme

Intro-Castle Crashers theme