Emergency of the FirehouseEdit


This game is a certain game that has the same type of settings like Left 4 Dead, and such others. However, the game has characters where you get to see yourself. There are 4 characters to choose from. There are 6 worlds that have a variety of 24 levels in each world. There are 5 bosses every four levels. The fourth of a level is always a boss battle. The characters have there own set of life bars. Each has one full life bars. If one dies, they can be restored but only to half of their max life.


Johnny- He is the comedian of the group and is the most mellow and funnest to be around. He easily is the most weakest in being serious but can lighten up the mood when his comrades are feeling down.

Andy- He is the most playful of the group and enjoys to have fun. With his best friend Johnny, they easily overcome many tasks. He is the captain of the group and takes his position very serious. He also gives the worse of punishments to anyone.

Stacy- She can be very overconfident at times but is neutrally the follower of the group. She loves laughing with her comrades and is most likely the most intelligent of the group by far. She also hates it when people act mean.

Anna- She is the gloomy one of the group but enjoys to hangout with Johnny the most because of his mellow attitude. She apparently hates Stacy and almost harbors a dislike for Andy. However, she cares for her comrades a lot.


King GluttonEdit

Furnion- The minions of King Glutton. They are easily defeatable and can be destrouyed with one kick to the jaw. They enjoy to cause chaos and destroy. However, they are enemies with the Jurniaros. They hate almost everything except King Glutton.

Cerberec- This is the Furnion's pet. It is a beastly monster and is the other counterpart of Dodgream. Ceberec has had a hatred for team Wave since it was a little cub. King Glutton loves Cerberec to death and would stop at nothing if Cerberec was to die.

Candleheart- Candlheart hates everyone except Furion and King Glutton. He works hard to kill team Wave and take over the world for his father. He is in love with his counterpart, Safrimna and stops at nothing to impress her. He eventually gets her but nearly dies after an explosion at Mt. Kingdok. In the water world he tries to kill Anna and Andy with a sharkpedo missile.