One of the stages in the game:Call of Battle.

In the game Call of Battles there are various stages and chacters. There are also 3 special moves and 1 ultimate. the list of charcters are down.

Wawock Rank1/20 0/10 HP70/70: Resume: An attack that causes the Grave effect on specials. Charge: Wawock rams at the enemy widly. Angry Dash: the user takes 10 Damage but charge is faster and stronger. Dish or Fish: Wawock gets stronger or gets 20HP Back.

Agula Rank1/20 0/10 HP90/90: Angel Pray: Blocks all Waterfall effects. Booster: Raises Agula's Speed. Rain Turnover: Rains and makes Waterfall effects stronger. Angel of Rain: Does a waterfall effect doing 5 over special moves.

Dan of Death Rank1/20 0/10 HP90/90: Deathly Thought: Blocks all Buffing effects. Take: All healing moves go to user. Giga Flash: an attack dealing half the foe's HP. Devil of Hail: Does a grave effect on Ultimates.

Tonanengo Rank2/20 10/20 HP91/110: Rocket Lights: An attack that breaks shields. Undead Shield: Blocks all grave effects. Wet Shield: Blocks waterfall effects. Temper Shield: Blocks all effects. Lullabye Rank1/20 0/10 HP100/100: Hush now: A grave effect. Sleepyheads:Knock the foe with by throwing something into the air. Sleep and sing: Lower atk effect on foe. Lullaby: Does waterfall effect doing 10 over ultimate moves.

? Bronzo Rank2/20 0/20 HP140/140: Bronze Gate: A waterfall effect doing 10 over ultimate moves. Colorful Destroy Weak: A quick weak ram to the foe. Elemental Weak: Weakly hits with fire,thunder and ice. Lower-Weak: Lowers foe's atk,def, or spd to normal.


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