Boo's AdventureEdit

King Boo has been captured by Bowser. Along the way Mario and Luigi help you out. Story mode is 4 Players and you get to play Boo,Goomba,Minion Bo-omb and Koopa. As the story goes on you will fight bowser and his men. This game is home to more than 5 combos per character. There are different types of modes.


King Boo has been captured by Bowser. Boo,Goomba,Minion Bo-omb and Koopa will go on an adventure to save King Boo. They fight bowser and his men along the way. Stopping at shops, Solving difficult puzzles and defeating evil. They have the whole Mushroom Kingdom on their side to help them save King Boo. They need to venture off into more than 7 stages to save King Boo and to defeat the evil Bowser. But will you be stopped by Bowser? Play the game to find out!